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Statement of Intent (Assessment and Reporting)​​

Assessment and reporting 2016-2017

Key stage 3

The removal of National Curriculum Levels at Key Stage 3 means that our system of reporting to you has changed. The key aim of the new system is to ensure every student is making progress, from their starting point, in each subject.

The benefits

It helps us to have more informative and productive conversations with students and parents.  This enables students to take more responsibility for their achievements; encourages them to reflect on their progress; and understand their strengths and how to improve.

By no longer using levels, teachers can use feedback to clarify areas of the curriculum where students' knowledge and understanding is secure, and those where there are gaps.  Teachers are able to design a range of assessments that help to strengthen knowledge and skills being taught.

Removing the level "label" can help to improve pupils' mindset about their own ability.

Key stage 4

In the future GCSE results will be graded differently and that is why all targets are now based on the expected grade at GCSE and these are part of your child's report.

Students and parents will be able to discuss all the assessments and the new system with teachers at parents' evenings – and more importantly students will understand what their strengths are and identify what they need to do to improve. ​