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​Welcome to #thehub. Our modern themed restaurant is THE relaxation centre for students to enjoy a hot or cold meal, socialise in between lessons and relax in a comfortable and vibrant atmosphere. 

We have a selection of tables and chairs enabling students to eat and socialise in comfort and a television which shows news from CYAs Twitter page along with up to date announcements and information from around the world and in school.

A local radio station is played throughout the day so that students are able to enjoy a little music. 

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Please take a look below to find out more about our Cashless Catering System and also to take a look at our Food Menu provided by Kingswood Catering.


The key aim of our cashless catering system is to make break and lunch time more efficient for the students and to remove the need for them to carry money. Our cashless catering vending does not require a student to carry a swipe card. It is quick and simple to use and the benefits are clear to the students, staff and the Academy.

Once enrolled, as each student arrives at the pay desk, they place their enrolled finger on a fingertip scanner to make a payment for their food.  No cash or swipe card is required.  During the enrolment process the software captures a digital signature of your child’s middle fingertip, which is then broken down into data points, similar to reference points on a map.  VeriCool then turns these into an alphanumeric string, which is then encrypted and stored on our own Academy server.  This enrolment lasts throughout their education at Caistor Yarborough.  The technology is also used for identification on the Reception registration system if a student arrives on or leaves the site during the school day (i.e.​ other than normal bus times).

No-one has access to this information and the stored data points can never be viewed as anything other than a string of numbers and letters, so please be assured this software is very secure.  We do seek the written consent of those with parental responsibility before scanning the fingertip and if you wish a manual verification method is available.

​There are key fundamental reasons why our cashless catering is a clear winner for both the student and the Academy:

•         It enables students to be served more efficiently and quickly

•         It ensures complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals

•         It is a unique verification. No one else can use the student’s fingertip

•         It helps prevent bullying, by ensuring that students no longer need to carry cash to school

•         It ensures that money provided by parents to pay for meals is used only for that purpose

•         Students have control of their own accounts helping them to learn important life skills

•         It provides parents with the knowledge that their child is eating at lunchtime

•         Payment methods include ParentPay, cheques and cash via the wall mounted coin and note loader using fingertip verification

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 Food Menu