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Our uniform is designed to be smart, formal and fit for ​purpose         ​


All items of uniform can be purchased from Uniform Direct stores in Grimsby and Lincoln. Please note that most items can also be purchased from the Academy. Standard items such as trousers, see guidance below, and white shirts may be purchased from chain stores.

All students in Years 7 to 11 MUST wear the Academy uniform whilst at the Academy and on any Academy organised activities, unless otherwise instructed.  There can be no exception to this rule.

Hairstyles should be sensible and appropriate for learning. Please note extreme hairstyles and colours are not permitted.  Jewellery is limited to a pair of earrings, a signet ring and a light chain necklace.  Hoodies may not be worn, even to replace a coat. 

If you have any queries concerning uniform, please talk to your tutor.


BlazerBlack with badge and House colours (to be worn at all times)
SkirtBlack knee length skirt only—from Uniform Direct only. No other skirt is permitted.
TrousersBlack, straight, classic formal style  (no jean style ,leggings or tight ankle trousers)
School TieHouse colours
ShirtFormal, white worn with school tie
JumperBlack v neck (to be worn under school blazer not instead of)
Tank TopBlack v neck (to be worn under school blazer not instead of)
ShoesBlack with flat or low heels (less than 5 cm from where the heel joins the shoe).  No platform or ballet style shoes.  Shoes must be of a solid construction polishable and of formal style
SocksWhite/black sock or 70 denier black or opaque tights
CoatBlack, plain in style, with no logos or stripes. Fluorescent bands permitted for dark days.
Drama Polo ShirtsBlack with logo


Outdoor Rugby/Hockey TopBlack and Green with logo
Indoor Polo TopBlack and Green with logo
SocksBlack knee length (depending on activity)
SocksWhite ankle (depending on activity)
Track suit jacketBlack with logo
Track suit trousersBlack with logo
Training Shoes or football/rugby boots – depending on activityThese must have a non-marking sole
Shin Pads and Gum Shields are highly recommended.
Students with long hair must tie their hair back so that no part of it will affect their ability to participate safely.

Please note that from September 2017

·         the only skirt to be worn, is the block pleat skirt from Uniform Direct. No other skirt will be permitted

·         All trousers must be smart , formal style and not leggings (leg hugging) or jean style trousers

·         Shoes should be "polishable," and of formal style​