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Holiday Forms

​The expectation that students will not take holidays in term time and (therefore not miss school) is a national expectation rather than just the Academy’s. Permission for leave may only be granted under exceptional circumstances.  The Holiday Form is available from the Academy’s Reception or downloadable on the right.  If you require any advice on this form please read the Holiday Advice document also available to download on the right.


This form must be submitted prior to any firm booking or arrangements being made and at least FOUR WEEKS prior to the first day of planned absence.


In considering whether or not to authorise a request for extraordinary leave of absence for holiday during term time, the Academy will look at each individual case and only grant authorisation if:

•    Proof can be provided that parents’ own annual leave can only be taken during term time; for example, a letter from their employer

•  Exceptional compassionate circumstances, for example, bereavement or terminal illness within the family.


If these criteria are not met then the Academy will not authorise the term time leave.  If the holiday is taken regardless then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised absence from the Academy using the DFE’s “G” Code: “G: Family holiday not agreed or days in excess of agreement”.  A Fixed Penalty may also be issued.


If you child requires medication during the school day, would you kindly complete the request form available from the Academy's reception or downloadable on the right.

Returning Forms

Please mark forms for the "Attention of Mrs H Briggs", they can be posted or personally handed in at the Academy's reception. 

Appealing Decisions

Parents have the right to appeal to the Principal in the first instance and the Governing body thereafter.